The company provides to their Franchisees (Assignees) help for the right manufacture and shop's equipment for the market's "know how". Also it offers support via the education franchisees, help in the planning of the ordering, in the design of how the ideal shop's windows should be aiming at the right projection of products and continuous promotion via advertising to the media.

The shop that is required for the growth franchising FORMENTINI should be in a commercial point in his area and not to be smaller than 40 s.m. The candidate franchisee should be ambitious and know that he/she will be the next powerful ring of chain.

The entry fees that are required, amount 4.500 €. They are not required royalties and the attendance of the franchisee in the company's advertising campaign. The total cost of the all-over-greece advertising campaign and overloads the group itself.

However from the his/her side, each franchisee should invest with his/her own expenses in local publicity if he/she wishes to increase sales.


- Shop minimal area 40 s.m

- In commercial point of region



- In FORMENTINI shops, apart from anatomically-modern children's FORMENTINI shoes, the consumer can select from other companies such as: the italian athletic company FRUTTA, LOTTO, DESTROY JUNIOR, MOKINE, MISS MOKI, NICO BOCO, PECHE D' AMOUR, PIMPOLHO.,

- More than 600 shoe designs of FORMENTINI

- More than 200 shoe designs of other companies

- Modern - trendy - in fashion children's shoes

- Comfortable with special anatomy

- In five years FORMENTINI achieved to climb in the top position in the Greek market.

- 12 Italian and Spanish designers as well as 35 factories in Italy and Spain design and manufacture shoes for the FORMENTINI.

- The company is always near the Franchisee (Assignee) for right planning and sure steps, leading to the absolute success.


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Person in charge of Franchising:

Konstantinos Lampiris

Dipl. Total Quality Control.
Cert. of Proposal Preparation & Source Selection
Member of National Estimating Society

Tel. + 30-210-6198239
Tel. + 30-210-6196918
Fax + 30-210-6197992


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