FORMENTINI belongs to the TSILIDIS Group of Companies, which was founded in 1965. To be noted here that the last five-years  the growth of the group was rapid due to the establishment of system franchising with the discreet title FORMENTINI.

 The company achieved to offer in the consumer what precisely is missing  from the market, the modern and at the same time qualitative children's shoe.

The  products that allocate exclusively in the Greek market, are manufactured in 35 factories of Italy and Spain from leading designers of the two countries, which take care  the creation and completion of the collection. The company's collection of shoes is constituted by 600 models, which are characterized by modern line, trendy combinations of colours, irreproachable style, high specifications of quality and anatomy.

Currently there are a total of 34 franchised shops of  FORMENTINI.

 Also  company's products  exists in more than 120 selectively children's shoe shops around big cities in Greece.

The prices, according to the fashion and the quality they offer, are characterized reasonable and competitive.

The company participates in a big advertising campaign both in the TV and press. Big advertising panels exist also in the national roads and in central points of cities.

 The group FORMENTINI offers franchisees, in order to  open their own shop, the possibility of promotion of other famous children's shoe makes that facilitate the parents to choose for  their child through a shop that allocates the name and prestige of FORMENTINI and other famous and equally qualitative children's shoes. Known companies are the italian athletic company FRUTTA, LOTTO, DESTROY JUNIOR, MOKINE, MISS MOKI, NICO BOCO, PECHE D' AMOUR, PIMPOLHO.,

This naturally has as a result the increase of the shop's prestige in his area giving larger and more rapid financial expectations in the franchisee.

Also the up date briefing of specialised personnel that is always next to the franchisee with continuing support and  right work planning growth for each season, is characterized by the persons in charge of the group's network as one of the most important assistance that the company offers to the franchisees.

Another  team that deals with market research as well as individuals that are found continuously abroad  offer their services for tendencies of fashion that is judged as an important offer in up to today successful growth of company via franchising.

Successful also is characterized by the company, her presence in the Report Middle East and North Africa International Franchising Exhibition (MIFE 2002) that was held in Egypt in the hotel Marriott Palace from 31 March until 3 April 2002 aiming at the expansion of shops FORMENTINI in Arabic countries as well as in countries of North Africa.

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